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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FA trials digital football ad hoardings replacements

fa-going-feet-first-into-digital-advertisingThe FA is looking into using digital technology to manipulate pitch side ad hoardings at high profile football matches.
The new technology allows adverts to be digitally inserted into a live broadcast of a football match, so that the static advertising can be changed depending on what country you are viewing the match from.
Digital inserts

People look more and more to relieve stress and get recreational satisfaction from console/computer games, 59% of Americans play video games (Entertainment Software Association, 2014). This new trend has led to the rapid expansion of the gaming community and with this came major social flaws. The gaming community is seen to have “hyper-masculine” (Parrott & Zeichner, 2008), characteristics with women being the main victim of negative stereotypes such as the appearance of female protagonists (Kirkland, 2009) and women being the receivers of abuse. In the following paragraphs I shall be arguing that sexism is widespread throughout this form of social community (Jenkins & Cassell, 2008; King, Miles, & Kniska, 1991).
Too many video games perpetuate a culture of sexism and misogyny (Jenkins & Cassell, 2008; King, Miles, & Kniska, 1991). Many game critics argue that video games are rife with sexism and the age old trope of ‘the damsel in distress’. Women, being the minority in the community, often find themselves being the victims of hostile experiences often to do about gender roles (Eklund, 2011; Kerr, 2003) and many feel safer in not revealing their genders to the community at all (Dill, Brown, & Collins, 2008; Hussain & Griffiths, 2008). The fact that women feel threatened is a case for concern and a supporting factor for the argument being made.
However, “People of all ages play video games. There is no longer a ‘stereotype game player,’ but instead a game player could be your grandparent, your boss, or even your professor.” (Allaire, 2013). Statistics show that 52% and 48% percent of gamers are men and women respectively (Entertainment Software Association, 2014). Taking this into consideration it is hard to comprehend how sexism would be present in such a well-represented community gender wise.
Although there exists a large new demographic of female gamers, the above mentioned study includes anybody who plays, however often. IT even includes smartphone based games such as ‘Candy Crush’. “There is a clear distinction between these casual gamers and hard–core gamers for which game complexity and competition is a big factor” (American Enterprise Institute, 2014). In the hard-core gaming community men are said to outnumber women in a scale of 7:1 (American Enterprise Institute, 2014), it is evident that there is a huge gender gap and adult women are clearly not the key demographic.

From the evidence given above it is clear that gaming is becoming an ever increasing past time amongst people of all ages, however the distinct difference in gaming perspectives, casual versus hard-core, is something to be noted. Men are the predominant gender when it comes to hard-core gaming. The players of such games make up the predominant online community and community that most games are designed to please. Sexism is evidently present in said community due to game design. This cannot be said about all games, about the treatment of the minority gender, degrading them and preventing the feeling of safety and taking away something that everyone deserves, belonging.

If the trials are a success then it could mean more revenue for TV companies and a kick in the teeth for those who use the billboards to advertise their wares – given that another advert could be digitally inserted over their existing one in certain countries.
The idea of inserting adverts digitally into programmes is not new but it hasn't yet been used for football.
Sky did use digital inserts in its TV show A Different Breed. Advertising for a well-known dog food brand was inserted into the programme digitally in the post-production process.
Monday, 20 June 2011

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 (or the iPhone 4S, as some are calling it) rumours are flying thick and fast already.
Let's raid the iPhone 5 rumour fridge to find the tomatoes of truth amid the stinky stilton of baseless speculation.
But first, our colleagues on T3.com have rounded up the latest rumours in the iPhone 5 video below.

iPhone 5 release date
This year's WWDC was about software, not hardware, with Apple focussing on iOS and Mac OS
A new report from China later stated that Q3
Monday, 6 June 2011

Modern Warfare 3 - Official Trailer

Friday, 3 June 2011

Global web traffic will hit a zettabyte by 2015

Cisco researchers claims that global web traffic will hit a zettabyte by 2015 – the equivalent of a trillion gigabytes.
Cisco made this incredible claim as part of its annual report on the state of the web.
The main traffic boost will be due to an additional three billion web users worldwide by 2015.
15 billion connected devices
This, in addition to an increasing array of smartphones and tablets hooking up to the internet, means that over 15 billion devices will be connected by 2015.
Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Japanese TVs record viewers' emotions

watching-tv-watching-youNew Japanese TVs are being developed that are able to watch the viewer and measure their emotional response to what they are seeing on the screen. The new tech comes courtesy of NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) of Japan, who plan to put small cameras in TVs to observe viewers' responses to the content on the goggle-box in front of them.
These tiny cameras will be able to analyze movements and facial expressions in order to decide on which type of content (ie advertising!) makes you happy and which doesn't.
User technology assisted navigation

Samsung Releases The Advanced Touchscreen

Samsung Caliber

Samsung takes the cake with the advanced touchscreen which it has developed using the TouchWiz interface which is unique to Samsung. The touchscreen has several advanced features which includes certain Widgets which are specially designed so as to let users personalize them and adapt them according to their phone.
All the social networking websites like Facebook are accessible due to the phone’ s browser which is a full HTML enabled browser. There is mobile IM along with email facilities.